How to do the Voodoo that you doooo

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Kalahari Caravan

We are leaving to hike the fish river this Saturday...!!!! - then coming back through Botswana........if this works you can come with me (virtually for the time being...!!)

Energy Entrepreneurs

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Solar Caravan in Botswana

Please watch this beautiful documentary made about the Solar Caravans work in Botswana, Enjoy

Department of Energy Polokwane

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Dept Energy

Solar Cookers in Africa - SUNFIRE SOLUTIONS

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Solar Cookers in Africa - SUNFIRE SOLUTIONS

Creating a sustainable future for the people of Africa, Johannesburg-based Sunfire Solutions is the leader distributer of Solar Cookers in Africa. Get in on the solar revolution! Solar cookers reduce people's reliance on wood as an energy source. Africa's forests are disappearing at a rate of 3% per year, mostly for energy use, and Sunfire Solutions offers one of the only alternatives on the continent.

Produced By Jeffrey Barbee, see more at or jefftube4view, his Youtube channel.

The Solar Caravan 2010

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Self empowerment for sustainability

Specialising in high quality Solar Cookers for the past six years, SunFire is constantly looking to spread high quality lighting systems and other simple but effective technologies that  improve life in Africa in a meaningful way. As a business, however, SunFire often finds itself unable to reach the sectors of African society we would ideally like to. To overcome this challenge, we have over the past 4 years developed a sister NGO, Solar Cookers for Africa.

Want to help?

Please consider a donation to help us get going.

Deposit or EFT your donations into our bank account:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch code: 8305

Account Name: Solar Cookers for Africa

Account number: 02 257 1787